Hiya, I'm a London based type/conceptual graphic designer. I help my clients communicate their message cleverly and as purely as I can. Contact me: hello@morsolymosi.com




STD Free London campaign design for NHS.

Brand identity and guideline for Femsolve engineering.

Brand identity for ÚjMűvészet.

Identity design for Contextus online magazine.


Resident art garten’s identity 2020.

Klára Mándli’s identity

K.M. was born in Budapest, and since her childhood she has had a great interest in languages. After learning English, German, French and Polish, she decided to study Diplomacy and Cultural Management to use her language knowledge. She is interested in PR, communication and diplomacy.


MS Glado typeface.

MS Pufy display typeface design.


Skillbandit identity design.

Different sketches.


MS Lymos Mono typeface.

Identity for Nagy’s Apiary

The logo’s shape is a mix of beehive and beeswax. The main colors are yellow and white, yellow is the color of honey, which radiates naturalness, so we can always see what type of honey is in the glass.